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How is Biscuits Bundles different?
How is Biscuits Bundles different?

The better way to create customisable bundles

Updated over a week ago

Biscuits Bundles enhances your customer's bundling experience by providing greater control and flexibility. With our app, you can:

  • Create steps for each product set, guiding customers through their choices.

  • Display the entire selection process on a single product page.

  • Implement a wide range of rules for minimum/maximum selections, display options, and total quantity limits.

  • Offer flexible pricing options including fixed/flat rates, sum of selections, or discounts on selected items.

Leveraging Shopify bundling features, Biscuits Bundles offers several advantages over older app bundling methods:

  • Easy installation with product templates and theme app blocks in your theme customiser.

  • No code changes needed in your store.

  • Instant loading with no impact on store speed, as we don't use external scripts on the frontend.

  • Discounts applied directly to line items in the bundle, not via discount codes.

  • Simplified inventory management as individual products are included in the final order.

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