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Does Biscuits work with your sticky add to cart?
Does Biscuits work with your sticky add to cart?
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What is sticky add to cart?

Sticky add to cart are the modal or bar that appear on your product page once you have scrolled past the main add to cart button on the page. It is designed to make it easier for a customer to quickly add to cart from anywhere on your product page.

Be Yours sticky add to cart

Prestige sticky add to cart

How can I find sticky add to cart in my theme?

1. Sticky add to cart is usually a setting on your product pages main section normally called "product information" or "product page".
The setting could be called:

  • Show sticky add to cart (prestige)

  • Show add to cart on scroll

  • Enable sticky add to cart (local)

  • Enable sticky form (broadcast)

Prestige uses a section setting

2. If it's not in "product information" section settings, check the blocks in that section.

Be Yours adds it via a block

3. The final place it could be it in theme settings under product page or product form, and failing that, your theme may not offer sticky add to cart.

Does Biscuits work with Sticky add to cart

Biscuits bundles will work with most sticky add to carts, we have tested with the following themes sticky add to carts.

If your theme is one of the below, you should be safe to enable sticky add to cart on your bundle product template.

  • Prestige

  • Be Yours

  • Impact

  • Reformation

  • Impulse

  • Local

  • Broadcast

  • Focal

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