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What are the requirements for installing Biscuits Bundles?
What are the requirements for installing Biscuits Bundles?

Requirements and limitations for Biscuits Bundles

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🌟 Getting Started Guide Step 1.1

Biscuits is using some of Shopify's most powerful new features, Shopify Bundles! This means to install Biscuits Bundles, you need to ensure your store is compatible with the following criteria.

Shopify bundles criteria:

Online Store 2.0

Online Store sales channel

  • Your store must be using the Online Store sales channel or a Custom Storefront. Other sales channels aren't yet supported.

Shopify Scripts

  • You must unpublish all Shopify Scripts. Biscuits Bundles uses cart transformer functions which can only be installed on a store not using Shopify Scripts.


  • Your store must not use any checkout.liquid customizations or features. Reverting to checkout.liquid will make your store incompatible with Bundles.

Incompatible apps

  • Your store must not use any incompatible apps (see link below)

If you meet the above eligibility requirements, and you're still experiencing incompatibility with product bundles, reach out to us or Shopify support directly.

Features not currently compatible

  • Shopify bundles (and in turn Biscuits Bundles) is not compatible with shopify Subscription products

Further reading

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