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Error: Cannot be added to cart or Cannot find variant
Error: Cannot be added to cart or Cannot find variant

An error that displays when the bundle product is not published

Updated this week

If you are seeing either of the following errors when adding your product to cart - please check the settings below:

The {{ productName }} cannot be added to cart

Cannot find variant

Is your bundle product Active?

Is your bundle product published to Online Store?

Are you viewing the changes on your live theme, or a preview theme?

Sometimes preview themes can be cached, or a little buggy. Try going to your product link directly:
For example, navigate directly to your product. The url should look similar to this:

The link should not look like this:

Is your theme using a Sticky Add To Cart?

Biscuits Bundles works with most themes immediately, but some themes may have an incompatible Sticky Add To Cart.

If you've tried the above - double check if your theme is displaying a Sticky Add To Cart.

  1. In the theme editor, turn your Sticky Add To Cart off

  2. Save the changes

  3. On your store front (not in the theme editor) - navigate to

    1. /cart/clear will clear your cart of any existing errors

  4. Navigate to your bundle product and add it to cart again.

  5. If it works, then the Sticky Add To Cart is not compatible with Biscuits.

  6. You can then create a new product template in your theme editor and turn the Sticky Add To Cart off. You can then assign your bundle product to this new template.

Are you trying to add from a Quick Add To Cart Button or a Quick View?

Biscuits Bundle products require a form on a product page with component item selection to successfully add to cart.
Quick add and quick view buttons on grid items don't allow for the display of this form and these selections.

When using a quick add to cart button on a product grid item (on the collection page, or in other sections) you'll see an error and the product will not add to cart.

You can resolve this by any of the following

  1. Turning off Quick Add To Cart and/or Quick View in your theme editor for the whole theme

  2. Make some code changes to selectively hide these buttons for only products tagged 'biscuits-bundles' using the guides linked below.

  3. If you're not code savvy - reach out to us and we'll request collaborator access to make some changes to your theme.

Next Steps

If the issue persists, please reach out to us and we'll assist.

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