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GUIDE: Make your step behave like a toggle
GUIDE: Make your step behave like a toggle

A Custom JS snippet you can use to make your selections behave like radio buttons.

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Biscuits Bundles frontend UI displaying a toggle step

Customisation Guide

In this guide we will customise Biscuits Bundles App to act more like a single select radio button instead of the default allowing users to pick multiple options at once (similar to checkbox groups).

This means when the user chooses a new option, it automatically unselects the previous option.

What this custom code will:

  • Create data to dictate which step act as a toggle step

  • Update custom JS in theme block to include toggleStepProducts to ensure only 1 product is selected in the toggle step


For this customisation we will be using the following terminology:

In our example above the Ribbon style step (Step 2) is our "Toggle Step",

Toggle Step

The step which will behave as a toggle (radio button)

App block settings are template specific.

If you have multiple bundles and you need to set different Custom JS on each bundle, you will need to create a product template for each bundle.

1. Configure in Biscuits Bundle App

To have our bundle setup correctly for this customisation you will need to make sure your bundle step matches the following settings.

  1. The Toggle Step must have "Auto Disable" feature turned off. You can find this under Display Options

2. The Toggle Step must be set to variant cards.

2. Add the Custom JS

Customise the custom codes data

  • Set StepNumbers to the step number we want the toggle effect on (Step 2)



Value Example


Array of step numbers


stepNumbers takes an array so you can target any number of steps.

To make just Step 2 a toggle, you would use:

let stepNumbers = [2];

To make Steps 3 and 4 a toggle, you would use:

let stepNumbers = [3,4];


document.addEventListener('BiscuitsBundleStep:ready', (event) => {
let stepNumbers = [2];

function toggleStepProducts(stepNumbers){
if (!stepNumbers){
let step = document.querySelector('[data-biscuits-step="'+ stepNumber+'"');
if (step.dataset.biscuitsSelection != 's'){
let productItems = step.querySelectorAll('.biscuits-bundle-item');

productItem.addEventListener('biscuits--product-selection', function(event){
if ({
let alreadySelectedItems = step.querySelectorAll('.biscuits-bundle-item.biscuits--active');
if (selectedItem != productItem){;

Paste your edited code into the custom JS field in the biscuits bundle app block

  • If you need help finding where this is follow this guide.


Always thoroughly test your custom JS and CSS to ensure it behaves as expected across all supported browsers and devices.

Stuck or got questions?

Use the chat widget below, or reach out to us at [email protected]

Happy coding, and thanks for teaming up with Biscuits Bundles!

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