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Create your first Bundle
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🌟 Getting Started Guide Step 2.1

Watch the video or continue to the instructions below

Welcome! Now we get to build your first bundle!

1. Create Bundle page

Click on the Create Bundle on the Dashboard or view bundles page, or Create Bundle directly in the app menu.

2. Discount Type

Choose a name for your bundle product and then select which pricing option you would like.


Sum of Products: Total bundle price equals the combined price of all selected items.

Fixed Total Price: Set a specific price for the entire bundle, regardless of individual item costs.

Percentage Discount: Apply a specified percentage discount to the total price of selected items in the bundle.

Amount Discount: Subtract a fixed dollar amount from the total price of selected items in the bundle.

3. Bundle Step

Set a step title, description and check whether this step is required.


Selection type defines how many items a customer can select in a step.

Single: Customers can select only one item from this step.

Single selection type, with a fixed quantity of 1

Multiple: Customers must select at least a minimum number of items, but no more than a specified maximum. Set the maximum to 0 for no limit.

Multiple selection with a minimum of 3


Quantity type defines the minimum and maximum quantity across the whole step

Fixed: You set what quantity each item will have.

The quantity selector will be hidden by default if your quantity is set to fixed.

Varies: Customers must select at least a minimum number of items, but no more than a specified maximum. Set the maximum to 0 for no limit.

Quantity type varies and has a minimum quantity of 2.


Choose to group variants by product or display each variant as a separate grid item.

Product Cards: A single card for each product, featuring a dropdown to select from available variants.

Variant cards: A single card for each variant.

4. Select Products

Use the resource picker to select which products customers can chose from in this step.

You cannot add a bundle product to another bundle.

5. Set your Preselect/Required Products

This feature is available to merchants on Biscuits Bundle Standard Plan and higher.


Biscuits preselected products allow merchants to "pre" select which items they would like selected on page load for a bundle.


Biscuits required products allow merchants to determine products that MUST be chosen on a step and can not be unselected by customers.
​To learn more about Preselect and Required

  • Visit our full guide below

6. Set your step display settings


Card style: Select item card complexity and orientation.

Layout: Display the step as a slider or grid.

Grid items per row

Disable options once step requirements are met

When enable this setting will grey out unselected products once the user reaches the maximum number of selections or quantity allowed for this step, indicating no further selections can be made.

7. Repeat for more steps

8. Review and save

Click submit to save and create a Draft of your new bundle product.

9. Bundle Image

Click the top right button Edit product settings, this will open your new bundle product in shopify.

Add an image to your bundle product for display on your stores product grid.

10. Publish

Add to Online Store sales channel

Click the three dots next to publishing and Manage sales channels

Make the product active

Click the status dropdown and set it to Active

Save product

Hit SAVE and return to the Biscuits Bundle admin via the bundled products admin block.

11. View

Now your bundle should show a green Active status in its name and you have the option to click "View on your store" in the top right hand corner. Click this button to see your bundle.

This will take you to your bundle product url on your live theme.

And thats it! You have successfully made your first bundle.

UP NEXT: 🌟 Getting Started Guide Step 3

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