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Customise the language of your bundle form
Customise the language of your bundle form
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🌟 Getting Started Guide Step 3.2

1. Open settings

Navigate to Biscuits Bundles app sidebar and click "Settings"

2. Edit text fields

Scroll to "Default Content", here you can change the language of every piece of text Biscuits Bundles presents to your customers on your store, including error messaging.

Language field variables

Certain fields, particularly error fields, contain variables denoted by "{" and "}".

For example: {{ percent }}% off

When translating or adjusting these fields, it's crucial to preserve the variables to ensure accurate numeric values in the final error messages.

3. Save

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save" to update your store with the new language translations. After saving, verify the bundle products on the live theme to ensure there are no issues with the changes.

CONGRATS you have completed the 🌟 Getting Started Guide

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